6 Common Mistakes Home Sellers Make

by | Oct 15, 2014 | Advice, Common Mistakes, Home Sellers, Real Estate

Nothing is perfect in life.  That goes for selling your home too!  Quite often, home owners make these very correctable  mistakes when selling their homes.  The trade off here is that some of these omissions can cause your home to stay on the market longer than you would like, or, to not receive the type of offer that you would like.

REALTEAM offers a guided approach to the selling or purchasing of your home so that the types of mistakes below can be avoided.  Let’s explore the list:

  1. Not using an agent to list your home (For Sale By Owners).  A licensed real estate agent in Michigan understands the laws and market value.  They have more access to advertising for your listing and are able to list it on the MLS for other agents to see.
  2. Not researching their real estate agent.  Interview more than one agent or use a referral from a trusted friend.  Make sure to look at their reviews online and ask about their past client experiences.
  3. Not Staging.  Some examples are fixing small repairs, a fresh coat of paint, clean up and put things away, enhance the curb appeal, and don’t have too many “knick knacks” out.
  4. Not understanding Market Value when picking a price.  Don’t over-value your home.  If you are using an agent listen to them, take their advice, and make price drops if necessary.
  5. Making showings difficult to schedule.  Make sure your home is available to buyers and don’t make it too difficult to schedule a showing. Do not stay at the home when potential buyers walk though.
  6. Not Having a For Sale sign.  This may seem obvious, however, it is a key factor in word-of-mouth visibility for your home among neighbors, their friends and family, and interested buyers who otherwise would simply drive by your home.

If you, or someone you know, is having a difficult time selling their home on their own have them contact the experts at REALTEAM where we help our clients achieve their dreams.

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